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Message From The C.E.O

MS brand has been developed and expanded in accordance with the history of LP gas industry in Japan. Its growth will be accelerated in line with the energy society toward the future.

Miyairi-valve has grown since its establishment in 1949 strongly supported by the LP gas industry in Japan. Facing the structural change of energy-mix in Japan, we, Miyairi people, would like to challenge to make maximum contribution to the society and accelerate our growth. Your continuing supports will be highly appreciated. Best Regards.

C.E.O.   Kenji Nishida

Miyairi-valve is aiming at "No.1 customer satisfaction company" based on three mottos; "Mutual Benefit" & "Team Work" & "Self-Discipline"

"Mutual Benefit"
     ・・・・ With society, customers, Miyairi people, shareholders.
"Team Work"
     ・・・・ Miyairi people closely work together to achieve the aim.
     ・・・・ Miyairi people individually and diligently perform own roll.


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