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  • LP GAS cylinder
    LP Gas Cylinder
    The LP gas containers used in each field are provided with our various types of container valves.
  • LP Gas Supplying Line
    LP Gas Supplying Line
    Our products are installed in supply facilities such as kitchen facilities for commercial / industrial use.
  • LP Gas Filling Device
    LP Gas Filling Device
    To charge a home-use container or automobile LP gas container with LP gas, a charger of charging place or a dispenser(charge) of LP gas auto station is required.
  • Bulk storage tank and container
    Bulk Storage Tank
    Bulk supply systems are practically started in addition to LP gas supply through replacement of conventional containers.
  • Gas Transportation
    Gas Transportation
    Our products are also mounted in tank lorries (trailers), bulk lorries for private use, and bulk lorries for industrial use that are indispensable for overland transportation between bases.
  • Storage Tank and Piping
    Storage Tank & Piping
    Various type of storage tanks and piping are provided with a source valve (globe valve, ball valve), emergency shut-off valve, safety valve and liquid level indicator.


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