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Takashi Hirawata, CEO

Takashi Hirawata, CEO

Further progress from “Safety” and “Peace of Mind”

Since its foundation in 1949, Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. has contributed to the expansion of the social environmental arrangement and repletion of people’s living space through production and distribution of valves for liquefied petroleum gas, supported constantly by many customers.

We have strived toward production of many types of valves taking a stand on our business policy calling for “Peace of Mind” and “Safety.” At the same time, we have strictly trained all our employees to observe the Company’s social responsibility and code on conduct. In addition, we have endeavored to conduct our business activities in harmony with society, attaching importance to the environment as called for by social demands.

For increasing expansion of the “MS brand” that has now penetrated the market, we are committed to continue making on the challenge of bringing the advantage of our technologies and experiences to new frontiers by aggressively providing “products needed in the market.”

This commitment includes efforts to contribute to better arrange and expand social infrastructure through supply of products meeting “our times of energy mix”, by using quality control embodying our corporate conscience and advanced and attentive production techniques.

Some time has passed since we started afresh for “sound” and “transparent” business management. But, before we can be satisfied with what we have achieved, we will try anew toward attaining another stage of progress with our further advanced technology development capability as a weapon to respond quickly to customer’s “real requirements” and earn a market position as a “dependable and reliable supplier.”

Toward the day marking our forthcoming 65th anniversary, we will buckle down to exercise our efforts to provide customers with better services by giving appropriate consideration to their valuable patronage and the important lessons of our company’s history to achieve even higher cooperate value. It is our sincere hope that we will be favored with even greater support from all our customers to achieve that goal.

Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Takashi Hirawata, CEO



Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. intends to be a “bridge” between the contemporary society and the future in pursuit of comfortable life through “valves”.


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