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Takashi Hirawata, CEO

Takashi Hirawata, CEO

Adding further value to our “MS brand”

 We are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate our 65th anniversary this year safe and sound, thanks to the great support provided continuously by many customers, domestic and overseas, since Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co.’s foundation in 1949.
 During that time, Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co. has continued to contribute to some extent to further advancement of the social environment to complete people’s living space through the manufacturing and supply of valves for liquefied petroleum gas.

 Despite changes to the social environment and twists and turns with our business that we have encountered over that long period of 65 years, we have exerted ourselves while bearing in mind our corporate creed of “we supply eagerly and strenuously products that the times and people are in need of.” We will take advantage of our experience to continue to perform business activities in the correct manner while remaining fully aware of our “responsibility for society where enterprises subsist” and ensuring individual employees comply with the corporate code of conduct.
 Furthermore, we will carry out well-balanced production activities placing an emphasis on consideration for the environment, as society requires, and also maintaining our stand on “ecology spirit” on production floors.

 With the corporate code of conduct established to move forward with “safety” and “ease” and requiring rigorous fulfillment of our social responsibilities, we will push onward with production of various types of valves.

 To meet the requirements of an age when the business environment encompassing us is turning toward “the beginning of an era of mixed energies” and “promotion of energy change overs,” we will ceaselessly develop and supply “products required by the times.” We intend to do this by uniting our development, engineering design and production groups placing importance on “safety” and “ease.”
 In order to expand further and more broadly the “MS brand” that our senior associates successfully anchored, penetrated and then got widely recognized in the market, we will supply proactively “products that the markets demand” to new markets via new distribution channels starting this year as a new challenge using technologies and experiences we have accumulated, in conjunction with the ongoing support that our existing customers have provided to us over the duration of our existence.
 We are committed to pulling together to strive ever further, placing our efforts on valves not only for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) but liquefied natural gas (LNG), shale gas and hydrogen with the aim of gaining recognition as a “dominant supplier” in a variety of fields including home use, supply bases and land/sea transportation.

 For the past three years we have endeavored to establish “sound” and “transparent” corporate management which we positioned as a matter of supreme importance. From this year on, we will try to advance our organizational spirit a step further, targeting reform of the corporate constitution to bring about a rebirth of Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co. under the slogan of “employees changing the Company, not the Company changing employees.” We hope to have implemented this rebirth by the occasion of our 70th anniversary by casting off the previous corporate climate to enable the reborn Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co. to earn from its customers in all quarters the assessment of being an “ordinary company they can depend on.” We sincerely ask you to favor us with your kind guidance and cooperation for the “new Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co.” to make the company worthy of bearing your high expectations.

Takashi Hirawata, CEO



Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. intends to be a “bridge” between the contemporary society and the future in pursuit of comfortable life through “valves”.


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